Electronic waste takes up a huge part of landfills, and as it is non-biodegradable, the soil of that land becomes waste because of toxic chemicals. Also, e-waste has personal data stored in the devices that can be vulnerable to companies.

Contrary, there are some parts of electronic devices that companies can reuse to build new products. So, proper recycling of devices is a must.

Several e-waste companies are available, but choosing the right is very crucial. Most companies choose R2 certified e-waste companies because they maintain a high-standard recycling process. So, selecting an R2-certified e-waste company remains at the top position.

Let’s first know the meaning of R2 Certification.

Adverse Effect of E-waste on the Environment

E-waste contains materials that are toxic to the environment. So, when many electronic devices are in a landfill where much lead and mercury are used, it can poison the soil.

These components used in electronic devices are hazardous because it contains material like lead, mercury, cadmium, and other potential materials that cause air pollution when burned, placed into the soil, and sent into the deep sea.

Any simple recycling process can’t degrade electronic devices like TV, laptop, semiconductors, and other as it contains hazardous materials.

Read detailed insight into the environmental impacts by reading our dedicated blog on the environmental impact of the environmental by disposal of e-waste.

Don’t you think we should take steps that help us to reduce the environmental risks and allows us to save our earth? Yes? If you are looking for e-waste recycling, then look for e-waste management in India.

What is R2 Certification?

The R2 refers to Responsible Recycling Practices. It is a combination of two accredited electronics-certified standards. The R2 certified e-waste companies must comply with 13 categories as each of the categories helps improve the safety of workers and quickly boost work efficiency. So, a company with R2 recycling certification is an R2 certified e-waste recycler.

The reason to follow this process is to enhance the recycling of electronic devices by reducing data theft and maximising the worker’s safety towards hazardous chemical waste.

By doing R2-certified recycling, one gets several benefits. They are as follows:

  • Reduces the resource and energy required in manufacturing new products as they take out reusable components.
  • It also saves the environment by reducing the damage caused by creating new products.
  • It carries out optimal data destruction by following a standard recycling process.
  • It helps to reduce the health risks for specialists working in the e-waste sector.
  • Reduces the land wastage issues by minimizing the landfills occupied by e-waste

Check the following reasons to know why it is essential to choose R2 certified e-waste recycler.

Reasons to Choose an R2 Certified E-waste Recycling Company

How can you be sure if your old data in the devices is not vulnerable? How can you be sure the data in the devices are destroyed safely? That’s where a registered R2 certified e-waste management company plays a vital role.

In addition, R2-certified e-waste companies are headed by the non-profit SERI – Sustainable Electronics Recycling International Organisation. It is a standard maintained globally for recycling e-waste in the environment while taking care of human health.

If you opt for a registered R2 certified e-waste recycling company, you get assured of the following points when your e-waste is recycled.

  • Get the complete data destruction with a guarantee for every e-waste product.
  • The entire recycling of your e-waste is monitored and documented to avoid issues of any breakdown within the process.
  • While recycling, R2 e-waste companies follow end-to-end legal compliance for data security and environmental protection.
  • R2 certified e-waste company compliant shows a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact.
  • It enhances the trust of consumers and investors as it helps to secure your e-waste consisting of sensitive data.
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Securely destroying your e-waste is essential if your electronic devices have sensitive data. On the other hand, it is also ensured to secure your environment by decomposing the e-waste properly. To achieve both these points, you need an R2 certified e-waste company.

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