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ECS, a Central Pollution Control Board authorized, an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 45001 and R2 Certified company, is committed to end-to-end management of electronic waste (e-Waste) in an environment-friendly manner for more than 13 Years. We have a sophisticated eco-friendly e-waste management facility with state-of-the-art infrastructure and tie-up with international industry leaders.

Forensically it is proven that simply deleting or just disk formatting digital data from disk(s) still leaves data at risk. Hence, It is necessary to securely erase your before disposing of any storage Device. ECS ensures that once data is sanitized before recycling the products so that data cannot be retrieved with Data Recovery methods.

e-Waste Management

“Electronic waste” may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, mobile phones, television sets and refrigerators hausarbeit ghostwriting . This definition includes used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal.

Electronic recycling is the recycling or reuse of electronic devices. It includes both finding another use for materials (such as donation to charity), and having systems dismantled, in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the constituent materials for reuse in other products.

ECS Vautha plant

With a firm belief in the goodness of recycling e-waste to save both the electronic equipment and the environment, ECS is on a go-green mission.

But, a good infrastructure is the foundation on which any organization can grow, scale and build a future. Apart from making room for future needs, tracking the changing needs of our facharbeit schreiben lassen consumers and communities also plays a significant role in shaping our infrastructure so that we can extend our functionality and support.

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Our core panel is the team who dreamed of a responsible world where electronic waste can be disposed off without harming the environment. Obsolete and irrepairable electronics can also be put to good use by recycling and refurbishing. ECS stands for everything that stand for a better, go-green world where e-waste is disposed off without posing a threat to the environment. The core panel that guides and directs ECS (Eco-friendly Computech Solutions) is formed by Vijay Mandora and various senior executives.

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