E-waste – is one of the major problems that affect the environment heavily. You would be surprised to know that e-waste is very dangerous for our earth. According to the International Telecommunication Union report, the global e-waste will reach 74.7 Mt by 2030.

The report also says that this is the highest ever figure and double that of 2014. Increasing e-waste is the short lifecycle and limited repair options of electronics nowadays.

So, how does e-waste is harmful? Generally, if e-waste is exposed to heat, it releases toxic chemicals into the environment. These toxic chemicals cause air pollution and affect the water quality, soil, and planet.

It creates irreparable damage to ecosystems. Therefore, we should take some precautions to save our environment. But, how do we do that? Keep reading this blog, and we have got you covered.

Adverse Effect of E-waste on the Environment

E-waste contains materials that are toxic to the environment. So, when many electronic devices are in a landfill where much lead and mercury are used, it can poison the soil.

These components used in electronic devices are hazardous because it contains material like lead, mercury, cadmium, and other potential materials that cause air pollution when burned, placed into the soil, and sent into the deep sea.

Any simple recycling process can’t degrade electronic devices like TV, laptop, semiconductors, and other as it contains hazardous materials.

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Don’t you think we should take steps that help us to reduce the environmental risks and allows us to save our earth? Yes? If you are looking for e-waste recycling, then look for e-waste management in India.

How Can Disposing Off E-Waste in formal way helps to Save Earth?

The e-waste recycling done in the landfills saves space and helps to prevent the environmental pollution caused by the toxins.

Recycling reduces the want for landfills to store e-Waste in the first place.

Recycling helps to reuse the excellent material in creating new products, reflects into low pollution, and reduces energy consumption.

Still, in the US, people are not giving their used gadgets for recycling; instead, they are storing them in dark spaces. This can lead to a severe problem in our environment.

Researchers also say that precious material from these electronic devices has not been extracted and circulated in the economy. Therefore, it increases the mining of those precious materials (lead, mercury, cadmium).

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Tips to Reduce E-Waste

1. Consumers should only make purchases of essential electronic devices.

2. Extend the life expectancy of your electronic devices by taking regular care of them.

3. Look for environmentally friendly electronic devices; this helps reduce pollution.

4. Donate your useless electronic devices to social programs for the needy ones.

So, it reduces e-waste disposal in India and helps to protect the environment.

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Each of us has to contribute to our precious planet by disposing of e-waste. The benefits of E-waste recycling are good to keep humankind in shape. In this blog, you have got information about the negative effect of e-waste, how e-waste recycling can help, and tips to reduce the e-waste.

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