Data Sanitization

“To Destroy Data or Not To Destroy Data?”

Data is an important and integral part of every organization. The exponential increase in the turnover of electronic equipment has created a serious global e-waste challenge. This has forced many companies to reconsider their corporate disposal standards, specifically the destruction option. Every IT asset in an organization such as Laptop, Desktop, Servers, hard drives, etc. has sensitive & confidentially data. When any data is deleted from storage media, the media is not erased and can be recovered by an attacker who gains access to the device.

IT Assets when disposed need critical handling. Keeping that in mind it is necessary to securely erase yours before disposing of any IT Device. Data breaches due to the self-disposal of electronic equipment are also not a viable option for enterprises. Responsible handling of e-waste and data sanitization before physically destroying the equipment is a crucial part of e-waste management.

Data sanitization
What is Data Sanitization?

Data sanitization involves permanently deleting & destroying data from a storage device, to ensure it cannot be recovered. Data sanitization is a highly effective method for scrubbing the data off especially when your organization’s confidentially matters.

Why Data Sanitization is Required?

Simply deleting your data still leaves your data at risk. You have to take the data sanitization approach and make the data irrecoverable. When considering a data sanitization method for your organization, consider your risk tolerance: Highly-regulated industries should opt for complete data sanitization to achieve compliance with data privacy and security regulations and mitigate the impact of a security breach.

Data sanitization
Why do we care?
  • ECS ensures that once data is sanitized it cannot be retrieved with any of the Data Recovery methods.
  • Compliance with all the data requirements of any organization is essential to avoid any legal ramifications, data breaches, or financial losses.
  • ECS specializes in recycling and reusing electronic equipment after following proper procedures for Data Sanitization. We take data security seriously and IT asset disposition is done only after proper data destruction and following data compliance protocols.
  • Our team of experts understands your data protection requirements and goes over the available options and based on that design a data disposition solution that addresses your needs.

We take data sanitization and data security very seriously. If the data is important to you – we care!

Key  features
  • Extremely Fast Hard Drive Sanitization at 24GB/min
  • Complete Wipe out – Wipe up to 8 target drives simultaneously
  • DoD Wipe: Suppors 7 Pass DoD 5220-22M wipe
  • IDE drive, eSATA, mSATA, microSATA,SCSI and ash media Sanitization
  • Up to 35 Pass wipe using Task Macro feature
  • Remote operations in same office network
  • Provides Audit trail/log report
Why ECS for Data Sanitization Services?
  • 100% Data Destruction & No Chance of Data Recovery by any Method
  • Providing Data Destruction Certificate
  • Providing onsite and offsite services to the customer for Data Sanitization.
  • Secured Data wiping as per various International standards and algorithms
  • Using industrial shredders to break the device into pieces
  • Using degaussers, which expose the device to a strong magnetic field, which irreversibly erases data on hard disk drives (HDD) and most kinds of tapes.
  • Owes own e-waste disposal facility where data/media disposed with in a scientific way
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