Asset Management

Asset tracking from start to finish

Retiring obsolete and irreparable assets requires responsible asset management. Each IT asset needs to be inventoried, sorted, tested and components and data needs to be maintained to understand when each item is expected to be off the shelf. It’s not as simple as tossing old equipment somewhere. E-Waste Asset Management requires consideration of a multitude of factors to create the best strategy for organizations that have obsolete or unusable assets.

ECS ensures that all the assets are tracked and managed during their entire lifespan right from acquisition to disposal and you will always know when equipment is end of life or fit for scrapping. The expiry date, and other details are recorded so that we know when each equipment needs to be taken down from the shelf and disposed-off as e-waste. We also help you retire end-of-life technology equipment in an environmentally friendly and compliant manner.

Why do we care?

Deriving value from e-waste could mean a safer environment. Critically analysing organizational electronic and IT assets regularly could save a lot of time, effort and help build a comprehensive e-waste management strategy. It’s of great value to the organization as well as an environment friendly initiative! We care because we value electronic assets and their potential to be reused and we care because each step towards responsibly managing e-waste is a step towards a go-green world!



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