Data Sanitization

Protect your data even after the device is EOL

Many times, IT equipment are either self-disposed or destroyed and many times this IT equipment has sensitive data or confidential information from organization. This data too needs to be appropriately handed over or destroyed or sanitized such that it does not pose a threat to the organization in terms of legal or financial ramifications. Data breaches due to self-disposal of electronic equipment are also a growing concern for enterprises. With the number of devices per person increasing, this has become a greater concern.

ECS specializes in responsibly disposing and sanitizing critical data.  We ensure that proper procedures are followed and data compliance protocols are followed. We take data security seriously and ensure responsible handling of all the e-waste and data sanitization before physically destroying the equipment. Protecting the sensitive data and making sure that it is un-retrievable by any means is what our team of experts aim for.

Why do we care?

e-waste, especially IT devices come with a lot of data. We believe that data compliance as per organization’s requirements is essential to keep confidential information secure and safe. We care about responsible disposal of e-waste and that includes your data too!

Data Sanitization Process (2)


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