Data Sanitization

“To Destroy or Not To Destroy?”

IT Assets when disposed need critical handling. Every IT asset in an organization has sensitive data if not destroyed appropriately may lead to legal or financial ramifications. Data breaches due to self-disposal of electronic equipment are also not a viable option for enterprises. Responsible handling of e-waste and data sanitization before physically destroying the equipment is a crucial part of e-waste management.

ECS specializes in recycling and reusing electronic equipment after following proper procedures for Data Sanitization. We take data security seriously and IT asset disposition is done only after proper data destruction and following data compliance protocols.

The exponential increase in the turnover of electronic equipment has created a serious global e-waste challenge. This has forced many companies to reconsider their corporate disposal standards, specifically the total destruction option. Protecting their sensitive data and making sure that it is properly processed and is un-retrievable by any means after the equipment no longer exists is what ECS aims for.

Our team of experts understand your data protection requirements and go over the available options and based on that design a data disposition solution that addresses your needs.

Why do we care?

With e-waste comes great responsibility. E-waste is not only the hardware – it comes with a lot of data too. Compliance with all the data requirements of any organization is essential to avoid any legal ramifications, data breaches or financial losses. We take data sanitization and data security very seriously. If the data in important to you – we care!



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