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When environmental concerns demand sustainable eco-friendly solutions, ECS endeavours to offer futuristic, eco-friendly technology solutions that go beyond mere selling or providing after sales services. ECS Group is focused on providing customer centric technology solutions and services while following all the environment friendly best practices. Our vision is to add value to the Technology experience to change the course of human progress and revolutionize the future of the coming generations by inculcating awareness of eco-friendly technology innovations. ECS aims at delivering intelligent, improved and personalized solutions with a unique business model that covers the entire lifecycle of IT products through IT solution centres, remote managed services, advanced level repair, and refurbishing and e-waste management. We are committed to restoring and preservation of environmental balance by providing eco-friendly solutions and recycling of e-waste.

Founded by Mr. Vijay Mandora, ECS today, is the only company that provides such a wide range of IT solutions and services on a PAN India scale. With over 2 decades of commitment to this cause, Mr. Vijay Mandora, a visionary leader and philanthropist laid the foundation of ECS envisaging the need to simplify client’s needs and imbibe processes that add value to the community by making responsible use of technology. Today, ECS has it’s headquarters in Ahmedabad and a number of branch offices across India located in major cities, urban and semi-urban locations to have maximum reachability.


ECS envisions a techno- savvy community that brings out the productivity of any business by saving time and energy; hence contributing to the growth of the country. Also, provide a clean and green environment for generations to come by innovating and implementing technologies built in harmony with nature.


We believe that hopeful and positive options are always available to meet the current and future needs for enhancing the technological regeneration system. ECS is inspired and guided by this belief and expresses through the values of integration of technology in our lives and also values the potential of eco-friendly technology. Everything that exists on this earth takes birth and dies. It is very essential to dispose-off these dead materials in the right way to avoid heaps of dump, landfills, pollution, global warming and depletion of resources. ECS is the only company that takes responsibility to follow the 4R philosophy –


We believe in transparent, legal and ethical business practices. Facilitating continuous improvement in our reach to the customers with our enhanced services, latest technology implementation and build leadership skills in our people is what we believe and follow. And the foremost, giving value added services back to the society that has supported us in all our endeavours.

Our 4R Philosophy


Many electronics manufacturers require people to go through an authorized repair vendor or the manufacturer for repairs, the Right to Repair would make it possible for people to purchase what’s needed to repair an electronic device.


Reuse is a smart and sensible decision. Especially reusing e-products makes computing more affordable.


Recovering the usable part from otherwise waste electronics helps give new life to other products. ECS makes the best use of resources by recovering these valuable components and reusing them.


Recycling e-waste is a noble effort towards a green world! ECS follows the most efficient and environment friendly e-waste management processes.

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