“Picking out the BEST from the REST”

Using working components from end of life devices helps refurbish devices and give them a longer life. Many materials cannot be recycled – refurbishing is an effective way of creating new products without compromising the quality.

ECS specializes in refurbished products with the highest quality and life. Our technology experts analyse the collected e-waste and extract all the quality components that are in good shape and can be reused in other products. We work with all types of equipment and expertly make use of their components to refurbish the best from the rest!

Why do we care?

Apart from providing users with the best quality end product, we also ensure that less and less amount of e-waste gets disposed-off without any accountability. We care about the products and their usable life and the wonders they could do if used and reused. We also care about the environment and the harm e-waste could do if left unattended and unaccounted for. We CARE!



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