“Recycle for reuse!”

E-waste in the country is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 30 percent. Technological pollution has become the major problem of the 21st century. There are ways to combat it and ECS believes that recycling electronic waste will not only extend its life, but also takes care of a bigger peril of environmental destruction. Out of the 50 million tons of electronic waste that is generated, merely 20% is effectively recycled. Toxic materials like cadmium, lead, lead oxide, antimony, nickel and mercury pollute rivers, seas and the gases that are released pollute the atmosphere.

ECS ensures responsible disposal of e-waste and ability to lengthen the useful life of electronic devices. Recycling electronic waste is a more viable option than extracting these metals naturally. It is environment friendly too. We help in the collection of the e-waste via our collection centres and also help in extraction and reuse of the elements that can be used in other devices.

Why do we care?

When something of value is disposed-off, when something that is disposed can be reused – we care! E-waste is not only waste of valuable resources, it is an opportunity to be responsible and reuse and recycle components and materials to make whole new products! We care when we see an opportunity to save equipment and save the environment!



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