e-Waste Management Process
Reinforcing a sustainable e-waste management processes

E-Waste management seeks to recover and process the electronic waste and recycle or refurbish it to make it useful. But, electronic recycling can be challenging especially because these devices are sophisticated and manufactured from varying proportions of glass, metals and plastics. Depending on the type of electronics, the process for recycling or refurbishing may change.

ECS specializes in e-waste management and disposal. Our process of e-waste recycling prioritizes environmental protection. It also seeks to prioritize proper handling, processing and managing environmentally hazardous substances that are present in the e-waste.

e-Waste management process includes the following:

  • Collection: gathering e-waste from various sources, enterprises, organizations and individuals.
  • Dismantling: Disintegration of all the components and materials of the e-waste to analyse which can be reused and which can go as scrap.
  • Data Sanitization: ensuring that data is rendered unusable or is completely wiped out to ensure it cannot be retrieved in any possible way.
  • Recycling: complete segregation of parts and materials that is then used to build new electronic products.
  • Refurbishing: reuse of the working, good quality products to replace parts and extend the life of other electronic equipment.

We use stringent procedures to ensure that the e-waste is handled with care.

  • e-Waste Collection and Transportation
  • Sorting and Shredding if required
  • Categorizing into core materials and components
  • Dust Extraction and Magnetic separation
  • Preparing the recycled materials for sale.

Dismantling ensures removal of critical components and we make sure to avoid the dilution of and contamination with toxic substances during the downstream process. Mechanical processing is an industry scale operation where concentrates of recyclable material is obtained and hazardous materials are separated. Gas emissions are filtered and effluents are treated to minimize environmental impact. Finally, we refine the resources and condition them to be reused.

Electronics are put to better use – even if they are end of life!

Why do we care?

Handling e-waste is crucial – not only from a security point of view, but also from the environment stand point. E-waste if not properly processed could cause more harm after end of life than it ever did during its use. We care about the sensitive data that organizations may have on electronic equipment. We care about the end of life equipment which could be used to extend the life of another product. We care – when useful electronics wind up in landfills and pose a hazard to the environment. We help make things better by recycling and refurbishing electronic products.

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