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End of life electronic devices and appliances end up taking up space or in landfills. These devices are many times obsolete and some other times rendered unusable due to failure in some component. Disposing them with care ensures that the hazardous materials from these equipment do not harm the environment in any way.

ECS’ mission is to collect, segregate and recycle this e-waste so that it can be reused without any harm to the environment.

We help collect your electronic scraps via our collection centers. Irrespective of the condition of your items, we accept the e-waste and offer you great value for it. Whether it is electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers or electrical appliances such as mixer, etc. we help you collect and dispose it off safely.

Our evaluation centers evaluate the condition of your devices or appliances and derive at a value for your product. We have a very convenient product pick up and drop off policy that enables you to simply place a call and a collection of your e-waste will be arranged.



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