With e-waste comes great responsibility!

Discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, mobile phones, television sets and refrigerators – can be reused, resold, salvaged, recycled or disposed appropriately. E-Waste is growing exponentially and because these products are produced rapidly across the world. Rapid product innovations and replacement, especially in ICT and office equipment combined with the migration from analogue to digital technologies is fuelling the increase in the waste too. But, e-waste comes with a complex composition of valuable and hazardous substances, and specialized methods are required to process e-waste to maximize the resource recovery and minimize the potential harm to the environment. Large amounts are ending up in places where processing occurs at a very rudimentary level. This poses a greater danger to the environment and humans. Although safe when used, once electronics are discarded in a landfill, the acidic conditions provide an environment in which lead and other heavy metals may leak out. If the landfill’s liner fails, the groundwater supply may become contaminated. While some naturally occurring substances are harmless in nature, their use in the manufacture of electronic equipment often results in compounds which are hazardous (e.g. chromium becomes chromium VI).

ECS takes e-waste as a very serious concern for our society and our environment as a whole. We believe that electronic components can be used and re-used to improve the life of other electronic equipment and the materials extracted from e-waste can be re-used to create new electronic equipment.

ECS offers e-waste management services that include:

Asset Management

Tracking and managing electronic equipment throughout its lifecycle ensures that we have a disposal plan well in advance when the equipment fails or is rendered obsolete. We help track and manage your electronic equipment and appropriately dispose it when it is end of life.

Reverse Logic

Tracking the entire process of recycling and refurbishing electronic products, we ensure that your e-waste is systematically disposed without harm to environment or humans.

Data Sanitization

Responsibly disposing electronics also includes responsibly destroying the data that it holds. We take data security seriously and ensure responsible handling of all the e-waste and data sanitization before physically destroying the equipment.


Dismantling, segregating and extracting materials and components to reuse and recreate electronics is a green way of disposing e-waste.

ECS believes that the entire process of electronic equipment disposal can be greener and we strive to gain maximum usefulness out of each component and material and minimize the toxicity that is emitted in the environment. We care!



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