“Separate the waste from the rest”

One of the crucial steps in the e-Waste management process is dismantling. Opening each appliance, separating the housing from the rest, segregating the parts and removing the hazardous components and carefully categorizing other components into marketable fractions is a process that requires careful consideration.

ECS specializes in e-waste dismantling process. We process all kinds of electronic equipment from computers, laptops, LCD or LED screens, Televisions, Printers, appliances and lots more. Our process ensures that minimal amount of hazardous materials are emitted to the environment making it eco-friendly and safe. Dismantling is one of the crucial stages as it involves segregating these components into recyclable pieces that can be reused.

  • Manual dismantling of components enables separating the usable from the unusable.
  • Recyclable fractions with viable components are collected
  • Hazardous components and high value components like PCBs are removed and remaining components are sent for mechanical separation.
  • Appliances are dismantled up to a point where further manual separation is not possible and sent for further processing
  • Further separation into pure materials is not possible without mechanical shredding.

ECS’ e-waste disposal process ensures that reusable components get the right treatment and are sent for further processing and recycling.



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