People always like to upgrade their gadgets with the latest technology, especially mobile phones. Of course, it is for those who can afford it! People change their mobile phone for different reasons like if it is too old, if it is broken, if they are fed up with using the same device for a long time, if it is not working properly, etc. A recent survey by the Royal Society of Chemistry revealed that, out of the 51% of UK households with at least one unused electronic device, 82% had no plans to recycle them. Nearly a third explained this was because they didn’t know how, or where, to recycle unwanted electrical items.

Upgrading your mobile device is not a bad thing, but the main concern is do you dispose of your old phone properly. As humans, we are responsible for protecting our environment from these toxic materials. Mobile phones or any other electronic device contains very poisonous material which can cause harm to our landfill. So, throwing it in any trash is not a good thing.

You have to dispose of them properly. If you are not aware of mobile data disposal & destruction service. Mangalam ECS Environment Pvt. Ltd is here to help you out. Keep on reading for more details.

How To Dispose of Broken Cell Phones?

Before disposing of any broken cell, you need to consider data security. Here are the most important steps that you should follow in disposing of your broken cell phone while maintaining data security:


  • Take a backup of important data from your cell phone

Transfer your important files, data, photos, contact and other important data to another device.

  • Remove SIM card and Memory card

Both of these devices contain your personal information so don’t forget to remove them.

  • Don’t forget to perform a factory reset

Perform a factory reset and erase all your personal data. You can find the factory reset or restore option in the settings menu.

  • Use Erasure data software

Use erasure data software to ensure the complete data removal from your broken cell phones.

  • Do physical destruction

Completely destroy your broken cell phone with a hammer or shredder. Make sure to wear safety gear during this process. It is the best option if you’re worried about your personal data falling into wrong hands.

  • Look for recycling programs

Many manufacturers and retailers have recycling programs. They will properly handle the disposal and recycling of your broken cell phone or other electronic device.

If your broken cell phone is in working condition, you can perform all of the above steps but if your broken cell phone is not working you need to take help from any secure data destruction service in India like ECS.

Hiring the best data destruction service provider can help you to dispose of your broken cell phone while maintaining data security. Let’s see the quick overview on the standard process of disposal of broken cell phones followed by the ECS.

(i) Collect your Broken Cell phones:

ECS provides pick up and drop off facilities of your broken cell phones from door-to-door. We collect your broken cell phones via our collection centers. We help you to collect them and dispose of them safely.

(ii) Dismantling:

ECS manually segregates all parts of your broken mobile phones. For example we remove cover, PCB circuit, battery, screen and other stuff. After that ECS sends individual parts to their respective recyclers. For example, plastic will go to the plastic recyclers, batteries will go to battery recyclers, etc.

(iii) Recycling:

ECS ensures the responsible e-waste disposal and also lengthens the useful life of your broken cell phones. If any part of your broken cell components can be reused or recycled, we gladly use this opportunity to save equipment or our environment.

(iv) Data Sanitization:

ECS ensures a 100% secure data sanitization process through standard sanitization utility/software OR L4 level operation. ECS will provide certificate and ensure about data safety  because we believe that data compliance is essential to keep confidential information safe and secure. We follow standard procedure and data compliance protocols.

(v) Refurbishing:

ECS performs refurbishing on the working components of your broken cell phones which are useful to create new products. We also ensure less amount of e-waste gets disposed-off without any accountability.

Wrapping Up

All the above steps are useful for disposing of your broken cell phone and maintaining data security while contributing to environmental sustainability. Remember to choose a reliable recycling program that follows environmentally friendly and responsible recycling practices.

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