Data sanitization involves removing or deleting data permanently which can’t be recovered with any other method. It is one of the most effective and secure methods that can permanently delete all the data from your devices, systems or storage medium.

This process is often performed to protect any organisation’s sensitive information, like personal details and confidential data, from falling into the wrong hands. Data sanitization is mostly done when data is no longer needed, or it has become outdated.

Many companies offer secure data destruction solution because it provides various benefits, including data security maintenance, cost reduction, promoting environmental sustainability, protecting of sensitive data or information, ensuring legal compliance and many more.

Data sanitization or Data wiping is mainly used for privacy protection because it can protect your sensitive information, whether personal or confidential information’s of your organizations.

Before performing the data sanitization process for your organization, you should keep several things in your mind. Let’s learn them through this article.

Top 10 Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Performing Data Sanitation

Here are the top 10 things that you should keep in mind before performing data sanitation for your organizations:

  1. Keep your data accurate and analyze it –

Before performing the data sanitization process, you need to make sure that your organization’s data is up-to-date or accurate. Analyze types of data, including sensitive or confidential information. You have to remove personal and confidential information from the data and finalize the data which you want to delete permanently.

  1. Remove unwanted or corrupted files –

It is essential to remove all unwanted and corrupted files from your system to perform a data sanitization process on the data that needs to be cleaned.

  1. Check your legal requirements –

You need to check legal requirements that apply to your organization, like privacy laws, data protection, etc. and ensure that your data wiping process complies with them.

  1. Choose the right method –

Performing the right data sanitization methods ensure that your data can not be retrieved with any other data recovery methods.

  1. Take a Back Up –

You need to take back up before performing any data wiping process. You must preserve your company’s important data before removing it completely.

  1. Do small testing –

If you’re new to the data sanitization process, you need to give a test on small data before proceeding with larger datasets. This small testing process can ensure that your data sanitization process works well as intended.

  1. Use reliable software –

Hiring a Data sanitization service in India help to erase all your organization data that cannot be recovered. They use reliable and trusted data sanitization software or tools to ensure that data is completely deleted.

  1. Follow the proper procedure –

Following the correct data sanitization process is necessary. You need to ensure that your data sanitization process is only done after proper data destruction and following protocols of data compliance.

  1. Clean up your system –

Before performing the data sanitization process for your organization, you need to check and ensure that your system has no viruses or malware attacks.

  1. Get Data Wiping Certificate – 

A data wiping certificate provides by the data wiping agency with a hardware serial number (these serial numbers are given by the data wiping agency according to the size of your data). So that you can ask an agency if your data got misused in future. This certificate is a must so that in future you can ask to agency anytime if your important data got misused.

If you want to sanitize your organization’s data with a data-wiping certificate, you can consult ECS anytime for future audits. ECS, a leading data-wiping service provider always follow standard processes to sanitize your data and also provides a data-wiping certificate according to media capacity.

Wrapping Up

By keeping all the above ten things in mind, you can ensure your organisation’s data is properly sanitized. It can also minimize the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The data wiping process can take some hours to a few days. It depends on the size of your organization’s datasets and the number of files involved within the system.

If you want to speed up the process, you can hire the best data sanitization service provider in India to ensure your organisation’s safety.

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