You must be aware that ‘Going Green’ is becoming a new slogan to make the earth free from various waste types that create pollution. Likewise, e-waste is an essential part of it because nowadays, we are covered with electronic devices from mobile handsets to ear Air Pods in our lives.

According to a report by Meity, India will generate around 2 million MT of e-waste in the upcoming year 2025. On top of that, every year, IT companies build up redundant IT equipment and old electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, and so on.

It becomes advisable to reduce waste from the environment; e-waste disposal of your IT equipment should be done. It offers you various benefits and reduces your offices’ useless piling up space from old electronic devices. In the following image, check which states majorly produce e-waste in India.

7 Benefits of Recycling Your Old IT Equipment

(i) Reduce the Dumping Space

When you recycle the equipment, it reduces the space required to dump the waste. As per Wikipedia, India is the fifth largest e-waste producer in the world. So, it is possible that India would need many places to dump electronic waste by following proper guidelines. Instead, e-waste recycling in India could be the better option for resolving the problem of landfills.

Recycling electronic waste helps to reduce the size of landfills. Ultimately, it reduces the requirements of land that can highly impact the environment in the future.

(ii) Decreases the Pollution and Helps to Protect Ecosystems Wildlife

As pollution increases, it brings major challenges to human life. Pollution in the form of air, water, and landfills can bring hazardous health problems to human lives. Therefore, throwing waste recklessly is not the solution. Instead, electronic recycling devices could be the best solution as it helps decrease pollution in the environment due to their hazardous chemicals.

(iii)  Saves the Land, Energy, and Resources

It is obvious that to make an electronic device; we need minerals. For that, companies need to extract the ores from lands, and it requires a huge amount of money and land. When digging and drilling into the land for carrying out the mineral ores, it makes that place a wasteland for humans and the environment.

(iv) Cuts the Carbon Emissions in the Climate

As recycling helps to reduce the sourcing and processing of new raw minerals, it decreases the chances of less carbon emission in the environment.

Thus, it also helps to keep the methane-containing waste out from the landfills and reduces the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Reducing the emission of carbon gases in nature could be a vital factor in stopping ozone layer depletion.

(v) Turn Downs the Business Costs

As e-waste is not good for the environment, it also can be meant for businesses.

The reason is most of the governments and territories of different countries have already started imposing the tax to increase the cost of dumping the electronic wastes in the dumping yards.

(vi) Reduces the Mining of Mineral Resources

When you recycle any electronic components, it helps create new products using reusable metallic and minerals. We all know continuously mining mineral resources faster can negatively impact the environment. So why not recycle the electronic waste and save the cost of product development.

So, electronic recycling could be a helpful solution to curb the continuous mining of minerals and help us to save the environment by avoiding land wastage.

(vii) Creates New Job Opportunities

To carry out the recycling of electronic waste, companies need to hire candidates that can perform the standard recycling process.

Therefore, it will directly create a new market of job openings for people willing to work on recycling sites. It will also reduce the unemployment ratios as new opportunities come into the market.

All these are the benefits and ultimate reasons to consider why you should recycle your IT assets.

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