Our Earth is the most precious gift to us, and we should save our environment and natural resources as much as possible. If you are looking to save our Earth from future problems like climate change, then we will help you.

As a leading e-waste disposal company in Gujarat, India. We have written this blog to help you reduce the number of e-waste generation increasing year by year from #onlyoneearth. So, let’s move into the blog without any further due.

First, understand the reason why e-waste is harmful to our environment.

Why is e-waste a problem for the environment?

When e-waste gets in contact with the heat, it releases toxic chemicals into the air and damages the atmosphere. The toxic chemicals can then exude into the groundwater and affects land and animals. This way, e-waste can also become a problem for air pollution.

According to Statista, the global e-waste generation will reach 74.7 metric tons by 2030. Yes, the numbers are shocking. If we people continue to produce such an amount of e-waste, it will be a bigger problem for humankind and animals to live on the earth.

That’s why on this EarthDay, we decided to provide you with tips that help us reduce the e-waste as much as possible.

Following the below-mentioned tips will surely help us save the Earth from the disaster of e-waste.

Best Ways to Reduce the E-waste from Earth on This Environmental Day

1.Sell Your Old Electronic Devices 

You can sell your reusable or old electronic devices on the different marketplaces that offer C2C sales. For instance, you can sell your used electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, LEDs, Refrigerators, or ACs. Any electronic item you can sell to customers as used products. A few names of C2C platforms to sell your used electronic products are OLX, Quikr, and eBay.

2. Upgrade Your Device Until it is Necessary to Purchase a New

If you are using a mobile device or any electronic device, and it is in good condition, then avoid upgrading until necessary. This will help to reduce the unnecessary demand for electronic devices in the market. Also, avoid purchasing new appliances that can’t be discarded or reused.

3. Donate Your Useless E-waste to Needy Ones

If you don’t require any electronic devices, simply donate them to the needy ones or local non-profit organizations. This way, you also enjoy the benefit of a tax deduction if done in the right way.

4. Repurpose Your Old Devices

Obviously, we don’t care about old mobiles or smartphones once we get new ones or their replacement. It is not necessary if your device is broken or damaged. Repurposing your device helps you transform your device from an old one to a new one with different functionalities. Smartphone companies run recycling smartphones that help reduce the risk of increasing e-waste on the #onlyoneEarth.

5. Recycle Your Damaged Electronic Device

Whether you or any family member have broken devices, it is essential to recycle the devices to the nearest recycling vendor. Do a favour to the #onlyoneearth on this environmental day by recycling the e-waste. Contribute to reducing the air pollution or other type of pollution released from the e-waste.

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In this blog, you have learned about the ways to reduce e-waste. So, let’s take the initiative on this Environmental Day to reduce the global pollution from the Earth by helping reduce the generation of e-waste.

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