Our other client is from the banking sector, and it is one of the most reputed and renowned banks in Madhya Pradesh. The bank operates in 39 districts of the state. As they were growing, they require to reduce their old electronic items, so the client was looking for a reliable part. ECS took this opportunity and offered its services.

Challenges We Faced During Whole Process:
  • ECS collected e-waste from 14 different locations (major cities & rural areas) in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.
  • It took two months for ECS to complete the whole process of e-waste.
  • We also faced some challenges while collecting e-waste, such as language barriers, transportation problems, and even roads were not in good condition.
  • As the bank branches were located in very congested areas, so we faced issues of no-entry barriers and timing.
  • In addition, due to government banking holidays, the collection time got longer.
  • We quoted CPU unit amount, and then we received a thin client- some of the units.
Requirements of the client:
  • As e-waste is a crucial and dangerous task, the client wanted to collect their e-Waste from the best certified R2 certified e-waste recycler.
  • As we provide e-waste collection in India, the client wanted to recycler vendor in their area to collect the e-waste properly.
  • The client wanted to complete the collection and recycling within the timeline with surety of date safety as these devices have banking information.
  • Our client devices had sensitive data, so they requested us for the data wiping service from their device before disposing of it.
How ECS achieved Results?
  • ECS collected e-waste collection within 20 days by executing each task timely and according to plan.
  • With our ECS Vautha plan expert team, we did an extraordinary job.
  • After collecting e-waste, we analysed the e-waste and followed the professional process to dispose of it.
  • We collected e-waste of nearly 8k+ IT assets from different locations in terms of data.
  • The total weight of the collected e-waste is 26 to 30 tonnes.
  • We collected all the e-waste from various places and gathered it at the ECS Vautha plant.
  • With the ECS data sanitization service, we safely dispose of the e-waste by taking care of the bank’s sensitive data.

As collecting and recycling the e-waste is a critical task, so do partnering with a reputed and certified e-waste recycler. It helps you ensure whether your e-waste got recycled properly safely or not.

If you are looking for a reputed and certified e-waste collection company in India, then contact us.



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