Increasing advancement in technology needs proper data security. Almost every organization has an IT Asset that needs security. It further needs to be handled critically, if you are planning to dispose of the data. It is important to understand that if the data is not destroyed properly, it may lead to financial or legal ramifications.

What does data security mean?

Data security is an important concern and it has become even more important because of e-waste. Technology is improving with every passing day, because of which consumers are in a rush to replace older and outdated versions of their devices. This means that the devices are tossed out with the trash inside them.

To avoid throwing them with their trash, it is important to work with an e-waste management company in India. The company will make sure that your device does not have any residual data. Most consumers fail to understand that it is difficult to erase data from the hard drive of the computer. If hard drives are not destroyed properly, hackers can access your data and use it to their advantage. This is the reason that proper attention should be given to e-waste disposal in India.

What is data destruction?

Data needs to be destroyed before you start the process of electronic recycling. However, the problem with data sanitization is that data is designed to endure. Hence, simply selecting files on your computer and clicking on delete will not help you. Data security is beyond that because a hacker or thief will be able to easily recover all the data including customer finances, lead contact information, and proprietary business information.

How to securely dispose of your data device with ECS?

If you have large IT assets that need to be disposed, then ECS can totally help you. ECS has a lot of data sanitization features and they include:

  • Super fast and secure hard drive sanitization
  • Complete wipe out which includes sanitization of hidden areas that may exist on the hard drive
  • ECS also offers audit/trail log report as well
How to carry out the data destruction process?

Earlier, businesses used large magnets to destroy data from hard drives. This method worked with fragile HDDs but, this does not work today. HDDs are now replaced with SDDs. However, it is important to understand that disposal of e-waste does not only include disassembling, separating and categorizing the metal form electronics but, also destroying it completely.

Fortunately, ewaste disposal has methods to shred and crush hard drives properly. It is  secure data disposal and destruction method as no one will be able to put those hard drives together again.


Data security and destruction is a necessary element of managing business liability and privacy in this online world. It cannot be an optional process.

Hence, ECS provides services like data destruction so that your company can handle its data sanitization responsibly. ECS is a top e-waste management company in India that handles and disposes of your e-waste with standardized processes and environment-friendly methods. It offers door-to-door pick-up as we have designated collection centers.  



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