SSA (Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan) is the main program in India to Universalize Elementary Education. The Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan is a recent management framework that includes E-waste management as an essential intervention. The prime focus of this program is to develop sustainable schools. ECS along with the government has joined hands in bringing this social change into society. ECS under the SSA project has collected the e-waste from the Head office of government rural schools. This electronic thrash is processed through systematic, scientific processes and eco-friendly way under the standard approved by the Authorities.

Ecs Practice:

Technology had a spectacular effect on the way education is imparted, but, at the same time, these have led to manifold problems – such as a huge amount of e-waste generation. An eco-friendly way to dispose of e-waste has become the need of the hour. ECS, along with the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan has taken the initiative to collect e-waste from government schools in the rural areas. It is disposed of in a systematic and environment-friendly way.

SSA Project Execution:
  • Planning:ECS with 11+ years of experience put together the planning to collect e-waste from approximately 15000 deep rural govt. schools with time and cost optimization. The locations were distributed across Gujarat and we had to implement this with proper segmentation to collect e-waste.
  • Co-ordination:Co-ordinated with each school personally with consideration for their academic calendar, semester breaks, vacation, holidays and school timing.
  • Collection:ECS needed to travel 700-800 kms far from central location in Gujarat to collect e-waste from schools in defined timeline.
  • Logistics:Logistics played a key role in the execution of this project. With proper logistics setup we were able to save time, cost and man hours. ECS team has PAN India logistics network for e-Waste Collection.
  • Disposal:ECS has their plant at Gujarat where we make sure that e-Waste is end-to-end recycled.
How ECS achieved results?
  • ECS executed advanced level micro-planning for the successful project Execution.
  • ECS coordinated with Logistics Support department, arranged manpower and also communicated with Government Authorities.
  • ECS coordinated with Local Bodies of Schools such as Management & Principals.
  • With remarkable support of schools, ECS successfully collected e-Waste from the deep rural location of the State. e-Waste Collection Across rural schools of Gujarat (approx. 196,024 square km)
  • District level approach for a collection was accomplished. We developed storage facility in every district to store e-Waste, once all e-waste was collected Central Delivery System applied – and respective district collected e-Waste was transported to ECS Plant at Ahmedabad.
  • ECS travelled more than 4 lakhs km and achieved the Goal of SSA (Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan) Project successfully in defined timeline.


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