Old gadgets like broken DVD player, remote controls, tablets, cell phones; these products are more toxic when you through out into household trash or the landfill. Most of them contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, lithium, oxides and cadmium. When you dispose these materials in household trash, they can create toxic soup which seeps into a ground or soil.

The small and large gadgets and devices keep getting smaller, faster and more accurate by evolving technologies. Thus, e-waste grows bigger and more toxic. We are addicted to the technologies before the pandemic but with eighteen month of social distance and remote learning/living or working has upped the gadget games at a new level. For example, tablet sales increase by 43% in 2020.

However, the sad news is that only around 17.4 % of e-waste was collected to recycled, which means more than 50% of e-waste still remains the same. Unfortunately, these can have a harmful impact on the overall environment, and it risks living creatures’ health through these toxic chemicals from e-waste.

As the best e-waste management in India, ECS wants to raise awareness of recycling small electronics on this International E-waste Day, 2022. It is quite challenging to end the life of small and large electrical and electronic appliances.

The focus of International E-waste Day 2022 will be on small and large e-waste recycling items to make people aware of the importance of e-waste recycling. On this E-waste Day, this year’s theme is, “Recycle it all, no matter how small!”

ECS is the top leading e-waste recycling company in India, so here, as an expert in ewaste management, whether it is small or large device – we believe in recycling each & every part of e-waste.

Small e-waste products like camera, tablets, flip phone, mp3 player, DVD Players, charging cords, small batteries and many more ewaste that we no longer use but  are often forgotten or kept in drawers, cupboards, garages, basements, attics or  toss it in the recycle bin. In an average household, upto 5kgs of e-devices per person is currently hoarded.

All of this small device contains rare metals which are hard to find or pull out of the ground. Once these components wind up in the landfill, there is no easy recovering method for them. These often cause many problems to environment and living creature’s health.

Our organization constantly works with an expert team which manages all the e-waste disposing processes, including a collection of e-waste and disposing of them properly, no matter how small your device is. ECS fulfills our social responsibility towards our mother earth and provides end-to-end e-waste recycling in an eco-friendly way.

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The primary focus of ECS is to practise its 4R philosophy as mentioned below:
  1. Reuse– We help to reuse old devices until their end of life, and we help society to make products affordable range.
  2. Repair– We effectively extend the product life by refurbishing them for their utilization.
  3. Recover– We make the best use of devices by recovering or reusing valuable components.
  4. Recycle– We constantly provide noble effort toward the go green environment to the world and follow the eco-friendly e-waste management process without harming nature.
Wrap Up

Every old electronic appliance ends up in your desk drawer or garage. You should never throw old electronics device into your household waste because it can seriously hurt the environment or end up on a landfill. That’s why recycling old device is must for every person.

There are options for old devices either you can sell it or donate them for other good purpose. If the devices are no longer for use, you have to properly recycle them so protect our environment.

With constant efforts, ECS is committed to continuously improve our practices ethically to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment for our future generations.

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