Every government association has millions of data collection in their storge device. So, there is quite challenging for them to organise all the previous data. If they want to take a backup from the old device to the new one, they need to completely destroy the old device so that no one can able to find a any backup from device through any technical methods.

To get rid of the above issues, it is necessary to perform a Data sanitization audit or technique for their organizations. One of the clients who belong to a government entity, is one of the india’s largest gas company. The Client have their branches spread across the nation. And their current sales volume terms is very high. They also have stakeholders as well as shareholders.

So being an renowned government entity they have very high risk of data being harm if not disposed off their IT assets without Data Sanitization. Thus, they were looking for a data sanitization services provider in India to perform a Data sanitization process to safeguard their data before disposing off.

As the leading secure data destruction service in Indiawe have all the below details about their data sanitation process through this post. So, let’s take a brief look.

Challenges / Requirement:
  • Our client was looking for those who can help them do on-site data sanitization or degaussing service.
  • On-site data sanitization service is quite challenging as it is a mini machine device/ kit or tool that carries very heavy weight.
  • ECS team collected all their devices from the client’s location, which they wanted to sanitize.
  • ECS expert team took two to three days to collect all their data and other on-site machines which they wanted to sanitize.
  • ECS lifted their kit or device to do on-site degaussing and then transferred them to our GPS vehicle.
  • It is also challenging for us because they have many devices on which they want us to perform the sanitization process. 

ECS expert team has successfully done data wiping in front of our client and performed proper hard disk sanitation services and other devices in the given time. Further data sanitization process was done in our plant, which our client monitored through the picture that ECS teams have shared.

Moreover, our expert wore all the safety gloves and uniforms while doing this process every single time. In addition, we provide extreme quick hard drive sanitization service to our clients.


This is how ECS performed data sanitation services for Government entities. ECS always performed data sanitizations service on time and provided satisfactory results to their clients for on-site degaussing service.

We have expertise in on-site data wiping service, so they also recommended us to their other branches to perform the data sanitization process. Because of 100% satisfactory results to our clients, we received multiple orders from the same client with a different branches. Not only this one entity, but ECS have also performed data sanitation process for other government entity as well.



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