Our client is the defence department of India; they operate in different states and work across several departments in the organization; as our client had the old IT assets, which were of no use, they wanted to dispose of them from the reputed and reliable e-waste management company in Ahmedabad.

Challenges We Faced During Whole Process:
  • They didn’t have a weight scale to measure how much waste they had, so after reaching the collection center again, we traveled 5 – 6 km to take the weight scale.
  • The client team was cooperative, but they were very slow in the process.
  • Due to the unavailability of proper equipment for weighing scales, some of the e-waste has to be returned.
  • In this project, our human resources were not managed and appropriately utilized.
  • As the IT assets were kept in open space areas such as a garden area, the condition of e-waste was terrible.
Requirements of the client:
  • As the client wanted to recycle their waste correctly without being misused, so they tried to collect their e-Waste from the best and certified R2 certified e-waste recycler.
  • The client has given us a timeline of 30 days to collect and recycle the e-waste.
  • As our client is the defense military, they had sensitive data requested for the ECS data sanitization service for their devices before disposing of.
How ECS achieved Results?
  • We completed the task of collecting the e-waste from their place within ten days.
  • Our ECS team of the Vautha plant collected the e-waste by following the proper protocol and safety. They did a splendid job with their expertise.
  • We collected all the e-waste from the military department and transported it safely to our Vautha plant.
  • We analyzed and processed the collected e-waste with the professional process of disposing of.
  • As said, the client’s equipment might have sensitive, so we followed the data wiping process to remove all the data from the equipment.
  • We collected nearly 500+ IT assets from several locations, as described by the client. And the total e-waste collected was 2770 kg.

In this project, we got experience working with one of the departments of a defense organization. The recycling process is done properly for the collected e-waste. After recycling, the refurbished parts are then sent for manufacturing new parts. As a leading e-waste collection in India, we ensure to provide the best e-waste management services.



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