It was a project of the private banking sector. The bank branches/channel are sprayed in PAN India locations. The management of the bank has decided to upgrade the entire desktops sets with higher specifications. But banks were not getting a partner who can collect old desktops sets from each branch of PAN India.


ECS grab this challenge and convert it into opportunity:

  • ECS started collection from West Bengal and gradually spread in 20 other states too.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the ECS collection team got so many hurdles.
  • Many experiences of ECS team about rural location, where human transport movement availabilities are very less.
  • In this condition, the ECS team carries all collected E-waste in public transport to the nearest goods transport location.
  • In South India, collection team members face language and suddenly whether changing problems during collection.
  • It was a challenge to buy packing materials from various remote places.
Requirements of the client:
  • Clients always insist on pre-information about collection plan and reporting about daily collections branch wise with team members identity with official acknowledgment.
  • ECS is well handling the client requirement from their Gujarat-based command center.
How ECS achieved Results?
  • ECS received more than 6000 desktops complete sets in working condition from PAN India, 21 states. The project was completed within 134 days includes weekends and public holidays.
  • ECS is able to handle such size of a big project with a strong collection team, coordination, experienced operational staff with ultra-modern command centers and capabilities.
  • ECS managed to collect e-waste with public transportations from different states with all public holidays and climatic problem also.
  • E-Waste Collection from rural area of different states was done successfully with the timeline.

ECS got new experience in this project. Achieved around 6000 plus refurbish desktops within 1.5 months. ECS turned those inventories from E-waste to Best reusable refurbished product for adding more to IT Infrastructure. ECS achieved the best results of this challenging phase and optimal use of time with minimum expenses.



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