A well-known non-government wholesale goods supplier with headquarters in Chennai.  In addition, they offer wholesale services in a wide range of products without specializing in any one. They have a solid foothold in the wholesale market as a leading wholesale supplier of premium goods.

  • We had three days to collect all of the e-waste from their Chennai location because we wanted to make sure that the e-waste is collected and disposed within the give deadline.
  • Since theclient is from Chennai, there were significant language and communication barriers.
  • Traveling from a distant city was challenging, and there were additional issues with packing the e-waste for safe disposal.
  • Another majorissue was our team faced was of food
Requirement of Client:

Our client was searching for one of India’s top-rated and most well-known e-waste collection companies in India. As a result, they contacted us in search of a business that properly disposes of and recycles waste.

  • It was challenging for the client to get rid of all of the e-waste at once, as they required to get dispose of over 1,000 desktops and laptops at once.
  • The client wanted to know the process to be completed quickly and gave us a one-week deadline.
  • They wanted ane-waste recycler who can arrange pick up from the vendor’s back office.
ECS Project execution

Our team follows a well-established cycle to make sure that e-waste is completely disposed of and safely transferred from the location to the centers.

Planning > co-ordination > collection> logistics > disposal
How ECS Achieved Results?
  • Our team gathered more than 1000 IT assets from our trader client.
  • We managed to collect thousands of personal computers, laptops, wires, desktops, etc
  • Just in a time span of 3 days, ECS managed to complete the collection and transportation of the waste. All thanks go to the competent and efficient team of the ECS Vautha plant.
  • E-waste was disposed of very carefully and sent to the ECS Vautha recycling facility.
  • We completed the task of collecting e-waste within the client’s following the client’s deadline of one week.

Our team had the opportunity to collaborate with a division on this project that has an active hand in the economic market of India. Additionally, we had a chance to interact with the leading wholesale provider in Chennai. To ensure that all of the materials are disposed of properly, the recycling process is carried out with the utmost care.

After the recycling process is complete, the reconditioned parts are sent to the largest manufacturing companies to obtain some new parts, helping to protect the environment in the process. We strive diligently to provide the best e-waste management services in the nation as one of the top e-waste management companies in India.



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