Our client is a recognized educational services provider with its brand name floating all over Gujarat. It has a widespread approach in the state with branches covering every part of the town. Being a top educational institution they have been forging a path for student success since the beginning.

  • The location of the e-waste collection institute was far away.
  • Owing to the educational days of the school, our team has to collect the e-waste on the weekends or Public
  • We collected on weekends to get the e-waste from every branch, even when they were located at a significant distance from each other.
Requirement of Client:

Our client was looking for one of the best and most renowned e-waste collection companies in India. Therefore, they were looking for a company that disposes and recycles the waste properly and hence contacted us.

  • As our client serves in the educational sector, they were aware of the harmful environmental effects of e-waste. So they desired to have their e-waste collected by the finest and only R2-certified e-waste recycling facility.
  • The client kept a deadline of one week to have their e-waste collected from all across the branches in the town.
  • They were looking for a firm that is responsible for not only collecting but recycling the e-waste with a scientific method.
  • The School authorities even wanted an e-waste recycling certificate from Government Authorized e-Waste recycler.
ECS Project execution

Our team follows a well-established cycle to make sure that e-waste is completely disposed of and safely transferred from the location to the centers.

Planning > co-ordination > collection> logistics > disposal
How ECS Achieved:
  • We completed the task of collecting e-waste with the client’smentioned deadline of one week.
  • Our team piled one metric tonne of e-waste from all the branches accumulatively.
  • The students and faculty of the schools from all branches gave exemplary support to our team in collecting and boarding e-waste.Thus, e-waste disposal awareness program was held by ECS experts especially for our youths of the nation.
  • We accumulated hundreds of IT assests including pc, laptops, wires, desktops, cables, adapters, etc.
  • The e-waste was shipped to the ECS Vautha recycling plantand the disposal has to be done with extreme caution by ECS Experts Team.

In this project, our team got a chance to work with a department that serves in making the future of India brighter. We also got a chance to meet support staff and students of the school. The recycling process is undertaken with utmost diligence to ensure the proper disposal of all the items. After the recycling process is done, the reconditioned parts are sent to the manufacturing giants for gaining some new parts and hence serving a hand in saving the environment. As one of the leading e-waste management companies in India, we strive to offer the country’s best e-waste management services.

What We Accept as an e-Waste

Check out the various kinds of electronics that we would love to recycle for you. The variety of equipment approved will astound you!

Retain your college or university campus clean by reusing with ECS e-Waste Administration!

You’ll have a sense of security knowing that your old and broken devices aren’t ending up in dumpsters or clogging up your workspace. Book your institution’s e-waste collection right away. So what are you waiting for get the e-waste out of your departments so that we can together create a better future?



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