Along with China, the United States, Japan, and Germany, India is one of the top 5 e-waste-generating nations on the planet. According to a poll conducted by an e-waste management firm, approximately 80% of Indians are conscious of e-waste, yet as many as 50% could be stockpiling at least two or even more old and untapped home electronics that must be disposed of.

According to the latest study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India collected only 3% of the e-waste produced in 2018 and 10% in 2019. We’re sinking in waste disposal as we order new gadgets too quickly and also do not recycle old ones quickly enough.

What Hazardous Effects E-waste Can Leave If Not Taken Seriously?
  • E-waste includes a variety of toxic drugs, including mercury, arsenic, as well as other toxic metals.
  • They create hazardous radio waves, deteriorate the earth, and radiate toxins that pollute the atmosphere and underground water.
  • As per World Health Organization, long-term exposure to such contaminants can harm the nervous system, pancreas, and brain, as well as cause breathing illnesses, lung disease, skin conditions, or other health complications.
  • Electronic waste disrupts the food web. As the species diversity depletes due to e-waste toxicities and poor nutrient riding, creatures that rely on it for nutrition may die of starvation.
  • Electronic Products end up making a million tonnes of waste in landfills.Electricals account for 2.8 million tonnes of waste in landfill space. When e-waste accumulates in landfills, the metals worsen and begin to contaminate the environment. This pollutant harms the area around the landfill.

Not utilizing these indigenous materials in electronics leads to greater exhaustion of sources. In the long haul, it may cause fundamental resource costs to escalate over years. In shorter terms, we can say that whether we realize it or not the cost of e-waste ends up the on our heads only.

It is we who have to bear the harmful effects of e-waste. Both our pockets and health goes empty if we continue to harness e-waste in our homes for short-term satisfaction. Just because we can not see the harmful effects of such old devices, it does not mean they become less harmful to our health!

A Way Forward! From Problems To Solutions!

Now that we understand that e-waste is taking our lives from us, is it the endgame? or we can still do something to tackle it. As usual, it’s a yes!

We still have time to become more responsible towards e-waste and take practical actions to dispose of it rather than just waiting for fate to show mercy upon us.

  • Purchasing items we don’t require is most likely the major cause of e-waste. Before we purchase a device or digital item, we really ought to halt (really, STOP) and enquire ourselves if we need to use it. We must power up the tone in our minds that inhibit us from purchasing electronic items that we do not require.
  • Find out what recycling options are readily available in your area. There are plenty of e-waste management companies in India. We simply need to work harder and look for local companies that can assist and guide us in e-waste management and disposal.
  • Last but not least, There is no instant method for disposing of e-waste—we will have to dispose of it eventually, therefore why not profit from it now? Let’s not let them accumulate.
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Wrapping Up

Since most electronic devices contain dangerous chemicals, proper disposal is critical. Focus on educating yourself, your children, and your pals. Such toxins should make us more cautious about e-waste.

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